Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jazz Under the Stars Goes Downtown

KCCK-FM and a variety of corporate sponsors have hosted Jazz Under the Stars at Noelridge Park every August for as long as I can remember. This week, for the last concert of the year, they moved downtown to the new McGrath Amphitheatere on the west side of the river. Will this be a, or the, future venue? They're soliciting feedback.

The crowd seemed down a bit, maybe because school has started, or because of the unsettled weather. But they were a festive bunch nonetheless.
Across the river, the Great America Building was all aglow.
Looking downtown... the Veterans Memorial Building is at left, the Linn County Courthouse at right.
The evening's entertainment was provided by Uniphonics from Iowa City. This is their instrumental section.
The full ensemble including vocalists.
I liked the new venue, but I like the park setting too. Maybe they could alternate weeks?

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