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Paying attention to the suburban development behind the curtain

As the presidential candidates confront each other in the first so-called debate of 2016, Cedar Rapids and other towns along the Cedar River worry about flooding, and the country ponders gun violence in Houston and Seattle as well as two more police shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa.

My first-year class on The Future of the City is reading Suburban Nation by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zybek and Jeff Speck (North Point, 2010). For many of them it's their first exposure to critical appraisals of the suburban model of development. One of my first-year students, Dominic Parker from St. Louis, asked why, if suburban sprawl "is as big of a problem as it seems, then why am I just (now) hearing an uproar about it?" I first said it was partly because people tend to see the suburban model of development as part of the natural order of things, as opposed to (what it is in reality) a created situation.

More importantly, the suburban model of development is an important component…

Let's hear it for Cedar Rapids

A great city has places to go and ways to get there, and Cedar Rapids celebrated both this Labor Day weekend. One of the city's most treasured places threw a party for itself Thursday afternoon as CSPS dedicated its courtyard. All that was missing were the bricks recognizing donors, which will be installed near the current entrance at a later time.
F. John Herbert, co-director of Legion Arts, which now owns CSPS, noted that this is not only the 125th anniversary of the building begun by the Czech and Slovak Protective Society, it is the 25th anniversary of Legion Arts, which has brought a variety of music, art, theater and dance artists to New Bohemia. The building re-opened in 2011 after the flood and subsequent renovations, with "more to come" promised (although in conversation afterwards he admitted to being tired of renovating). The courtyard, along with the public parking lot between the building and 2nd Street, "complete the CSPS campus," he said.

John r…